Winter 2015 Newsletter for Individuals

Happy New Year!!!! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and spent lots of time with loved ones. Tax season is now here!

As usual, we do offer a tax organizer to all of our clients. You can either request a paper copy or we can provided a web organizer via your secure online portal. Call or email Mandy at for details on this. The tax organizer is a tool to help you gather your necessary documents to prepare your tax return. If you do not use the organizer, we are required to have you sign the annual engagement letter and fill out the two page questionnaire, annually, before the preparation of your tax return.

We have worked with many of you for years and years… even decades for some. We value your commitment to the service we provide. We do, however, have a firm finance policy in effect beginning January 1, 2015. Like any other business, we need to be paid for our services before the product walks out the door or is provided to you online. Therefore, we will need to receive payment from all of our clients at tax time either when you pick up your tax return, before we mail a hardcopy, or before we can upload the return to your online portal.

This policy is important because we don’t want to pass on any increased fees to our clients who do value our services and engage in an equal exchange for those services. We want to be able to have more time to provide you superior service rather than spending our efforts on collections. We will be enclosing a new finance policy with your other tax forms.

Have you visited our website lately? We work hard to bring you lots of useful information and answer FAQs. You can also connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn. We can also text appointment confirmations if this is your preferred method of communication. Let us know what works best for you.

Staff Spotlight:

Dan Foley is the newest edition to our Gwizdala & Associates family. Dan is a CPA with extensive background preparing tax returns. He enjoys fishing for bass and northern pike along with hiking. He also enjoys playing with his 5 year old son, Charlie, and his Irish terrier, Kira, as much as possible. We are very excited to have him onboard and eager for him to be a resource and trusted advisor for you. He is a fantastic addition to our team.

Don’t let your Kids prepare their own Tax Returns:

Please do not let your kids prepare their own taxes especially if they are students. The new Affordable Care Act has made this even more of an issue. Them filing their own return could cost you and them thousands in healthcare penalties / credits. If your child files a simple short form, we can prepare their return for free when we file yours.

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